To all the Funk Soul Mothers...

To all the Funk Soul Mothers...

It's one of our most popular slogan tees without a doubt. Funk Soul Mother has been flying off the shelves since it was launched in June - helped without a doubt by the small fact that Mr Fatboy Slim himself wore one on one of his Friday night track list posts on Instagram (see below). That was definitely a busy night, and it sparked off a lot of love for our best-loved slogan tee.

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But it's not just Mr Cook's influence - though fans of Fatboy Slim and the original Rockafeller Skank track that the tee got its inspo from ('Right about now, the funk soul brother...') have certainly been adding to basket most often! - I think it's the fact that the slogan speaks to the mamas who never lost their sense of fun and intend to stay that way.

For all the mums who dance around the kitchen singing into a wooden spoon, who went to a Fatboy gig, who raved until the small hours in Ibiza, who spent pre-parenthood Saturdays clubbing till dawn, the disco divas, the wannabe rockstars, the Glasto babes, the festival-goers. To the women who still crank that volume up when a choon comes on in the car on the way to do the week's shopping, or who embarrass their kids as they get their groove on while stirring the pasta. Motherhood didn't take away your rhythm, your passion for a great track, your love of a great vocal, that euphoria when the bass line drops...

It was actually when my 6-year-old discovered Fatboy Slim that the idea for this slogan T-shirt sparkled into life. She was playing Rockafeller Skank on repeat in the kitchen and as I danced away, singing along to the words, 'Check it out now, the funk soul brother...', I decided to be clever and replace the word brother with mother, yelling excitedly to my bemused kids, 'Hey, it should be funk soul MOTHER!' And then suddenly, DING! A new slogan tee was born.

I mentioned my idea for the tee on Instagram and Mr Slim himself commented, saying my daughter had great taste and it should be celebrated in a slogan tee. So that was it - official confirmation was given, and as a thank you I sent one to the master himself - and when he wore it on his Instagram feed while introducing one of his Friday night track lists (see the insta post that sent MOL into overdrive here) it went nuts and I've been getting orders from around the globe. Big thank you, Norman, you are without a doubt a legend and a gentleman. Between us we have now created a tribe of music-loving mamas who like to wear their funk with pride - and it now comes in scoop-neck style as well as the original unisex crew-neck.

 So this is for you, my Funk Soul Mothers. I see you shaking your thing as you put the washing away, I hear you humming along as you cut the crusts off sandwiches. Still got it, mama. This slogan tee has your name all over it. Wear it, own it, and go and be the rockstar you know you truly are.

Buy your Funk Soul Mother unisex crew-neck tee here - or for a Funk Soul Mother scoop-neck slogan tee style, click here.