As seen in Woman magazine!

Lucy Parley


IT'S HERE! Nothing to see really, just little old me and my little old biz in a best-selling national weekly magazine! Super-excited to be in this week's Woman (cover issue 27 January 2020), in a feature called Don't Tell Me I Can't Launch a Business at 40 (written by yours truly). With a gorgeous holding shot taken by the amazing Kathryn Parsonage (, who made the time to come and shoot at my house after a busy morning watching our kids perform Christmas songs at the local church - ya know, the usual juggle. She even took a load of other lovely shots of me at work with my tees, so I'm looking forward to sharing them. So grateful to the features team at Woman for making it all happen. 

And if anybody wants to read about how My Other Life started and why I donate to ADHD Surrey UK and how I needed a push to take the leap (thanks husband and Hayley for talking sense into me!), get your copy and give it a read. There's even a shout-out to my fabulous mum mates for their modelling and support skills and my wonderful mum for her post office assistance and all her help with the various summer and Christmas fairs I've lugged clothes rails and boxes of stock along to.

I also couldn't have kept going without my WhatsApp group of dreams - the wonderful mums who've also launched their own businesses and to whom I chat with multiple times a day so we can all reassure, support and guide each other. We've shared multiple tips and tricks, have regular moans about everyday life and the mum-juggle and have made each other cry with laughter over topics you wouldn't even believe manage to find their way into our thread. When women support women, amazing things really do happen.
So here's a big thanks to everyone who's been part of my small business journey so far. I'm excited to see where My Other Life takes me... I have lots of big things planned for 2020 and I can't wait to share it with you, so keep checking in and following the journey.

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