About My Other Life

 When is a T-shirt more than just a T-shirt? When it not only looks good but does good, too. Well colour me happy, because 10% of what we make from our products goes to charity. We're talking feelgood fashion that's not only fun and stylish to wear but helps make others feel good too.

My Other Life donates to ADHD Surrey UK, a non-profit organisation close to my heart (and a big support to our family). See below for info. 

We know that our T-shirts are worn by people with many layers of awesomeness - people who like tees you can throw on, but that aren't throwaway. That's why we use climate-neutral, Fair Wear-certified products that help protect both the planet and the hardworking people involved in the manufacturing process.

If buying one of our T-shirts makes you look good, there's no reason why it shouldn't make you - and others - feel good too, by supporting initiatives that help make the world a happier place. Like you, #HappyTees are a beautiful thing.


Founder and creative director, My Other Life




ADHD Surrey UK is a small non-profit organisation in Surrey who provide support and training to parents and carers of children with ADHD and have a hugely supporting Facebook group for parents to speak to each other and find reassurance and information.

Their aim is to raise awareness on how to better recognise ADHD in young children, in order to improve children’s chances of getting an earlier diagnosis as well as intervention such as medication and therapies to give them a better quality of life