Product Care

All My Other Life clothing products are hand printed in our studio in Surrey. I print to order, so each and every item is printed just for you and is unique.

I use heat press vinyl, and occasionally on receiving your product through the post and sometimes after washing, the vinyl can look wrinkled. Don't worry, this is normal and any wrinkles can easily be smoothed out by turning the garment inside out (or placing greaseproof paper over the top) and using a hot iron (cotton setting) directly over the design.

For best results, follow the care instructions on your garment label when it comes to washing. Turn the garment inside out to protect the slogan from rubbing against other garments in the washing machine and wash at 40 degrees. Dry on a washing line or airer instead of the tumble drier (unless on a cool setting), and never place face down on a heated towel rail.

Very occasionally the edge of the vinyl design might lift off the fabric after a few washes. If this happens, it's easily fixed. Place some greaseproof paper over the part where the vinyl has lifted and press for a few seconds with a hot iron (cotton setting) until the vinyl re-sticks to the fabric.

Any problems, please do email me at